Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is the best way to reach Bishop Satterlee?

A:  Bishop Satterlee’s traveling schedule and commitment to "make an extraordinary effort to be present throughout the synod" make regular office hours a challenge. See his public schedule. Bishop Satterlee reserves Monday as a day off, Wednesday as a "synod office day,” and Friday to read and write as needed. Please contact the Lansing Office at 517-321-5066 to schedule an appointment or leavee a message. Bishop Satterlee responds faster to voicemail than email.     

Q:  How can I be helpful to Craig as a person who is legally blind?

A:  Read the document, "Indeed, Bishop Satterlee is legally Blind," which many people find helpful. Thank you for your sensitivity! 

Q:  We'd like to invite Craig to preach at our congregation or speak to our group or at our conference.

A:  The best way to reach Craig is to call his office and leave a message 517-321-5066.  The second best way to reach him is via email. Bishop Satterlee responds faster to voicemail than email.     

Q:  Craig is coming to preach or speak and we would like information to use in our publicity.

A:  Visit the About Craig page for a short bio, publicity photograph, introduction, and curriculum vitae.

Q:  Craig is coming to preach or speak and we wonder if he has any special needs.

A:  Craig's friend Martin Marty taught him the wisdom of providing a Hosting Page.  For a treat, read Marty's.  

Q:  Does Craig post sermons on the internet?

A:  While you will occasionally find videos on this site’s videos page, Craig gave up regularly posting sermons when he went to church somewhere and heard another preacher preach one. Besides, as Craig tells students, a sermon is more than a manuscript. You will find Craig's weekly "Virtual Logjam" on the Logjam page.  

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