Groups Discussing You Are Witnesses of These Things

Bishop Satterlee is compiling a list of groups studying and discussing You Are Witnesses of These Things: Sharing the Story of Jesus to learn both how the book is being used and whether people are, indeed, excited and blessed to share the story of Jesus with someone who does not know it. Bishop Satterlee also hopes this list provides help to groups desiring to study the book but uhcertain of how to proceed. To facilitate conversation,, we provide a link to a group’s webpage whenever possible.

If your group would like to be added to the list or if your group would like to share information or words of encouragement about using the book, please send an email with that information by clicking CONTACT.

Bishop Craig Satterlee and Chelsey Satterlee are honored that you are reading this book. Thank you!

Learn about You Are Witnesses of These Things: Sharing the Story of Jesus

North/West Lower Michigan Synod ELCA

  • Advent Lutheran Church, Lake Ann, MI: Congregation Council.
  • Ascension Lutheran Church, Saginaw, MI: Weekly Study. Check out their blog.
  • Cross of Christ Lutheran Church, Petoskey, MI: Bible Study and Congregation Council. Pastor Sherry McGuffin writes, “We are using your book for Bible Study right now, You Are Witnesses of These Things: Sharing the Story of Jesus. This is the first book in 25 years of ministry that has people wanting to attend and talk about Jesus. It is theologically solid for our Lutheran Christian Faith, affirming in who we are as children of God and freeing to experience the story of Jesus in new ways in ourselves and the community. Maybe we were tired of everything else, but this is the energy we needed at this time in this place.”
  • New Life Lutheran Church, Alcona County, MI: Book Stud.
  • North/West Lower Michigan Synod Council.
  • Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Portage, MI: Book Study begins in March.
  • Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Rose City, MI: Congregation Council.
  • Saint Paul Lutheran Church, Greenville, MI and Settlement Lutheran Church, Gowen, MI.
  • Trinity Lutheran Church, Hillsdale, MI: Tuesday Bible Study.
  • Trinity Lutheran Church, Midland, Michigan.


  • Northwestern Ohio Synod 2023 Book of the Year
  • Western North Dakota Synod Council and Staff

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