Bishop Satterlee’s Sabbatical

I begin a sabbatical January 1, 2024 and I will return on April 1, 2024. Sabbaticals are an established part of our synod’s care and renewal of our called staff. I will make two trips to warm places with Cathy and Chelsey, read, probably write, and likely take a retreat at a monastery. I will continue to watch my diet, make exercise a daily priority, slow down, pray, and rest. I am is grateful for this privilege, opportunity, and care. Thank you!

I have every confidence that Pastor Bright, Pastor Sprang, and the rest of the staff, supported by the Conference Deans and Synod Council, will carry-on fine without me. Perhaps they and you may even miss me. Just as pastors have a colleague that congregation leaders can reach out to when they are away, I have identified a bishop colleague who has agreed to help out if something comes up that only a bishop should handle. I also reserve the right to return if something comes to my attention that, in my judgment, warrants interrupting my sabbatical to become directly involved.

Sabbaticals are not exiles. I expect to be in conversation with the staff, whose company I genuinely enjoy, and also with people in our synod who have, over the years, become my friends and sources of support. I may decide to do an occasional Take One video. The point is that I don’t have to. I’m certainly going to attend our Adult Theological Education course this winter.

The fruits of previous sabbaticals include our Living Stones Initiatives and two books. I am eager to discover what the harvest of this sacred time will be. Again, thank you for this privilege and opportunity.

The Rev. Craig Alan Satterlee, Ph.D., Bishop

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